Happy things, today.

For a reasonable expectation of happy, at least.

There are many many exciting things going on right now – some of them good for me, some of them just plain interesting, so I am sharing.

Thing the first!   Classes have been posted for the Squam Art Workshops and registration opens next week. Unlike last year, I’ve already figured out my classes. It’s a lot more all-knitting-all-the-time this time around, and yet, I’m still probably taking only one knitting class (I hope, if I get in. pleeeease, universe?). There’s only one class that has a conflict that is making me sad – but designing stitch patterns with Cat Borhdi is absolutely winning out over spindle spinning, no matter HOW awesome that class was last year. I’ll be signing up for the beginner woodworking and and embroidery class as well, and I’m hoping this year’s trip doesn’t break me the way last year’s did.

Thing the second! Signups started today for Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Rockin’ Sock Club and my family all banded together to buy me a membership for Christmas, so I get to join in the fun again this year. I loved being a part of the club last year, and am wicked excited to get to do it again.

Thing the third! My asparagus crowns arrived last week! I’ve been wanting to start an asparagus bed for years (ever since I read Animal Vegetable Miracle) but when I have tried to order them at planting time, have never been able to find any. This year I ordered them early, and if I can keep them from breaking hibernation, I’ll have asparagus this year from my own garden. This is awesome, since you usually can’t find fresh local, even at the farmer’s markets, around here.

Thing the fourth! I can’t take part (since my wee suburban lot is not exactly sheep habitat) but Shepherd Susie from Juniper Moon Farm is holding a contest to help a lucky aspiring shepherd get a start on their flock. Like I said, I don’t get to join in the fun, but it’s going to be fun to watch from the sidelines!

Thing the fifth! Phoebe the hummingbird has two new eggs in her nest. She’s a fascinating way to while away long boring hours at work.

What’s exciting you today?

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  • Judy

    The Humming Bird Cam ! Well, this summer I spent a lot of time in Western Mass watching a humming bird feeder, so now I am hooked.
    Plus, taught my receptionist how to increase and the knit on cast on.
    Third, first 2 meals of the day were Vegan, I am not kidding myself that I could follow Mark Bittman’s plan to eat vegan the first 2 meals of the day, every day but I plan to eat more vegan meals during the week. Since dairy is my downfall, I purchased Silk creamer. Not bad !