The knitting blahs

I am feeling the knitting blahs at the moment. Nothing I’m currently working on is inspiring me, pawing through my stash (and it’s a big stash) is making me go straight into overload. I need to find something inspiring to work on! …But I have no idea what that might be.

The practical part of my brain tells me that I’m simply feeling overwhelmed because I have so many things going, and I should buckle down, finish them, have a clean slate and then I’ll feel great!

The ODC part of my brain tells me that I’m feeling overwhelmed because the queue and the stash are terribly disorganized and that what I really need is an overhaul of my organizational system, and then my path will be clear and all will be well. The rest of my brain needs to remind the OCD side that these schemes usually end with noting more than a differently disorganized mess, and will not make me happy in any way. And that it will cut into my knitting time.

The magpie part of my brain, meanwhile, is trying to convince me that all I need is some NEW YARN. You know, yarn that is somehow BETTER than all the gorgeous gorgeous stuff I have waiting for me at home. This is, of course, crazy talk – but I keep ogling new yarn whenever I have a free moment at my desk, and that lure is hard to ignore.

I know the real answer. Go home, stir the stash, pull out one of the yarns that I really love and have been “planning to” do something with for ages. One of the really delicious splurge-y yarns that I’ve been saving for something “special”. That should be my mission when I get home tonight. Pick one of them. Do up a swatch so I know what it wants to be, and spend tomorrow’s downtime pattern searching instead of yarn searching. And in the meantime, finish up my sock!

Do you think it will work?

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