Teaching knitting

I love to teach knitting classes.  Although I’m not lucky enough to be able to do it regularly (something about having a family that wants me around on the weekends and having a full time job already), whenever I get hit up for donations for Hannah’ school auction, I donate a basket with beginner tools and 12 hours of teaching time.

I thought I had been having great success with the lessons, with everyone finishing their starter project, and several of them turning into knitters who kept going after their lessons were over.  Until I started teaching Nadine, who showed me what it is like to launch a Knitter into the hobby.

We had one lesson.  I showed her how to cast on and the knit stitch.  I left her with a homework assignment to knit the brim of her hat until it was three inches long.  We had a couple weeks between our first lesson and our second, and I knew she would likely get through her homework and be completely bored waiting for her next lesson.

What I found when I walked in two weeks later, was that she had set off on her own.  Armed with what I had showed her and YouTube videos, she was halfway through a Herringbone Neckwarmer and gotten started on a Just Enough Ruffles shawl.  She had a question about how to work the short rows in the shawl.  I looked at what she had done and announced that I was clearly no longer needed.

How awesome is that?  I’ve never had a student take off on me like that.

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